Why Sell to Dominion?

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We are the one-on-one approach to solving your estate’s liquidation needs.

Our organization provides private and discreet liquidation of real property for those seeking to sell for fair cash value. Selling a property to us is a relieving process that will assist in bringing dignity and closure to one’s experience with ownership of that property.

We are also experienced in purchasing properties in probate or just emerging from probate, and this aspect is what separates us from most.

Please call us at (410) 989-4564 between 10am – 10pm, 7 days a week.

After speaking with us about the property, we can either give you an offer, or schedule a showing with us of the property so we can make our best offer. At minimum, we are willing to give you our best cash offer on the property, a valuable opinion from a seasoned operator of residential real estate in Baltimore City and County.

We take pride in bringing our sellers to settlement with convenience and ease, always willing to provide transportation for local and distant sellers. We know that there is a story behind every property we buy that requires some important closure for the seller. Therefore we always handle the purchase of your property with respect, fairness, and integrity – hallmarks that we have become known for over 15 years or purchasing properties throughout Maryland.